v. & n.
—v. (hopped, hopping)
1 intr. (of a bird, frog, etc.) spring with two or all feet at once.
2 intr. (of a person) jump on one foot.
3 tr. cross (a ditch etc.) by hopping.
4 intr. colloq. a make a quick trip. b make a quick change of position or location.
5 tr. colloq. a jump into (a vehicle). b obtain (a ride) in this way.
6 tr. (usu. as hopping n.) (esp. of aircraft) pass quickly from one (place of a specified type) to another (cloud-hopping; hedge-hopping).
1 a hopping movement.
2 colloq. an informal dance.
3 a short flight in an aircraft; the distance travelled by air without landing; a stage of a flight or journey.
Phrases and idioms:
hop in (or out) colloq. get into (or out of) a car etc. hop it Brit. sl. go away. hopping mad colloq. very angry. hop, skip (or step), and jump = triple jump. hop the twig (or stick) sl.
1 depart suddenly.
2 die.
on the hop colloq.
1 unprepared (caught on the hop).
2 bustling about.
Etymology: OE hoppian
n. & v.
1 a climbing plant, Humulus lupulus, cultivated for the cones borne by the female.
2 (in pl.) a the ripe cones of this, used to give a bitter flavour to beer. b Austral. & NZ colloq. beer.
3 US sl. opium or any other narcotic.
—v. (hopped, hopping)
1 tr. flavour with hops.
2 intr. produce or pick hops.
3 tr. US sl. (foll. by up) stimulate with a drug. (esp. as hopped up).
Phrases and idioms:
hop-bind (or -bine) the climbing stem of the hop. hop-sack (or -sacking)
1 a a coarse material made from hemp etc. b sacking for hops made from this.
2 a coarse clothing fabric of a loose plain weave.
Etymology: ME hoppe f. MLG, MDu. hoppe

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